The Team

Meet the founder of our creative shop

Yuly Monsanto

Founder / Designer

Yuly grew up in the Dominican Republic and lived in the United States before moving to her new home in Barcelona. Design has always been her passion, guiding her life and education. From early childhood, her mother taught her the importance of being ingenious and creative in order to be able to conquer life’s challenges. Yuly took this advice to heart and after the birth of her first child, Max, she began to illustrate, make toys and decoration items from recycled objects from around the house, resulting in an assortment of exciting thing that she wanted to share with others. The idea grew quickly and she suddenly found herself with an accidental new career, building “Bibu”.

Prior to combining her passions and opening the doors at Bibu, Yuly’s work experience encompasses a wide number of roles, from waitressing, typography teaching, advertising, and corporate identity to name but a few, gaining solid knowledge from multiple branding and interactive agencies.
Today, she is the creative force, illustrator, pattern designer, taskmaster, principal seamstress and ringmaster behind Bibu. For Bibu, 
Yuly uses space, repetition, colour, geometry, and basic shapes, as key ingredients in the visual development of the brand.