Crocs Towel


Whether you’re a backpacker, a traveler, take your kids to the beach or the pool, or just want to save space and weight, our Microfiber Towels are the best product for you. They offer the comfort and performance of a full-sized towel in a remarkably lightweight, packable, and ultrafast-drying package.
And best of all, The Bibu Microfiber Towels Collection is more environmentally friendly because of larger life expectancy and recyclable life.

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Descripción del Producto

Size: 75 cm x 126 cm
Composition: 80% Polyester, 20% Poliamide
Made in Barcelona

Eco-friendly advantages
Dries 5 times faster than a cotton towel
Washing 60% cheaper
Energy savings of 65% (- Kw/h) 
Save 70% of consumables (less consume of H2O, and detergent additives)
You can omit the use of softeners
Lifetime 3 times higher
70% less volume (more functional, more towels in a wash machine) 
60% savings in transport
More hygienic (prevent the appearance of fungi and bacteria) 
Absorbs four times its own weight